NEW songs coming!

It's been a long time in lockdown! However, the good news is that we (in this case we = me x 2) Have been working on a brand new album! Here's a taste of a little ditty about losing your mind in lockdown, with special guest Juna Serita hitting the bass.........

We'll be posting some more on our youtube channel as we go. So go take a look & sit tight. New armageddon sized riffs are coming!

Thanks for coming back to Frankie's!

We had a ball at RDB do Frankies Pt.2!

What a killer encore show Sydney's home of rock & roll  

Frankie's Pizza, in January! Even bigger than the album launch.

Thanks to our killer backing vocalists Virginia Lillye  (Lillye) and

Barbara Baillee of Baylou

And special thanks from me and Chris for all of you

who showed up and made some noise with us!

                       More pics on our photos page.



with influences in hard rock, the blues, pop and alternative; the brainchild of guitarist/singer Luke Cuerden. Take a listen & find out for yourself. Love it or not, you definitely won't be bored and may just be transported elsewhere....somewhere kind of dark but somehow comforting

Bar H, Pt.1